Placeholder Palettes, 2018
Oil on linen

A randomly selected word is searched on Google Images using an iPhone 3G. Despite high speed Wi-Fi, data downloads slowly on this device. Before the thumbnail images load, quadrilateral color swatches populate the screen. This placeholder palette of random colors is captured as a screenshot. While referencing this screenshot on the mobile screen an oil painting is created. The screenshot, which has arrested a passing digital moment, allows the study of the palette at length, suspending the temporal nature of digital consumption. Oil colors are mixed patiently to arrive at a similar if not exact shade. The screenshot turns into still life, the digital gets downloaded to analogue, filtered through the artist’s cognitive capacities.

The artwork title informs the word entered in Google Images search bar, the ISBN number & the randomly turned page number of the book the searched word was selected from, iPhone model details and Wi-Fi speed.

2019 © Vikram Divecha