Anecdotes, 2017 -

Ink on acid free fine grain paper

Each of Divecha’s larger projects involves many months of rigorous in-depth research, dialogue and reflection, as constraints of existing material, space, and labour are negotiated with, as ideas are repeatedly tested through presentation and discussion, and refined before finally being put into action. Divecha’s ongoing ‘Anecdotes’ (2017 - ), a series of conceptual line drawings in black felt tip pen, wittily distill and reflect on minor moments and unexpected lessons learned through his research and process. Though illustrative, these drawings are minimal, like much of Divecha’s work. Line is used thoughtfully and economically. In one pair, the hulking mass of a mountain is juxtaposed against the narrow skyscraper it is destined to become, as the natural landscape gradually secedes to the never-ending glut of manmade structures. Another pair reflects on that moment during a collaboration when the spontaneous recitation of a folk fishermen’s song to help maintain a working rhythm momentarily and metaphorically transformed trowels into oars.

(Text by Murtaza Vali)

2018 © Vikram Divecha