Bathing Boulders, 2017

4:3, HD video, silent, color, single channel, 04:24 min
Commissioned by the National Pavilion of the UAE for the 57th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia

As part of the process of preparing the gouged boulders in Boulder Plot (2014) for display, an assistant hosed them down with water. Struck by the aesthetic charge of this ritual-like action, and the associations it prompted, the artist recorded the process. The footage has been transformed through the editing process to create a sort of moving meditation set to the rhythm of its gestures,the flow of water, and movement of shadows.

Washing Assistant: Helal Thakur Titon Thakur; Videography: Vikram Divecha, Swapna Kurup; Editing (Blacktop Films): Dominique Petrot; Post Production (White Light Studio): Nuttacha Khajornkaitsakul (Colorist), Sorawich Khunpinij (Digital Conform), Nathamon Thatthanakan (VFX Artist), Max Tersch (Post Supervisor), Siripun Sangjun (Post Producer)

2019 © Vikram Divecha