22:21 min, Arabic (English Subtitles)

Miziara Architects (video excerpt), 2014


Miziara is a mountain village in North Lebanon. Two-thirds of its population live in cities. Many come back during summer and build homes, at times without consulting architects. To understand this process Hamid El Bacha (b. 1958) and his son Michel El Bacha (b.1981) from Miziara village were invited to envision a house on a user-friendly software.

The film follows father and son on their design journey. They debate, collaborate, and show disregard towards the grammar of architecture. Patriarchally divided, the floors are designated for grandfather, father and son. As the floors stack up a generation gap unfolds, moving from traditional towards an urban vision.

The El Bacha family lives and works in Beirut and maintains a summer home in Miziara. Returning to one's native place and building a home is a universal desire.

  • This project was made during a residency in Miziara by T.A.P. (Temporary Art Platform), curated by Amanda Abi Khalil

  • The video was originally projected on concrete blocks found in Miziara and was viewed by its people